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Participants in Training

The inaugural training programme graduating on 14th October 2015, had more than thirty students.  While the majority of those were from Ireland, the group included people from Austria, Bali, England, Germany, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and Wales. This made for a great mix of experience and interest.

As the SE training is a post-qualifying advanced professional training in working with trauma, each student is already qualified with substantial experience in in his/her own therapeutic approach, and is accredited as a member of a professional body.

Students come from a wide variety of psychological and body based practices – gestalt psychotherapists, Jungian Analysts, person-centred counselors, energy therapists, Yoga teachers, physiotherapists,  CST, Dance and Movement,  Addiction counselors.  People work in a variety of settings eg, private practice, schools, community organisations, health service, social services and work with a range of ages from children and young people to adults as individuals or in families, couples and groups.


Every training is staffed by a trainer who is a SETI faculty member.   For the first two enrolments that has been:  Steve Hoskinson  Trainer  (SETI Faculty member)



A group of assistants – lead by a Senior Assistant – support the work of the training.  The work of assistants is vital in each training as a support to the instructor’s guidance of the group and its evolution. The aim is to support the participants to feel safe and able to do their own work. The assistants will provide the support needed to process information and practice new skills while participants contain their own activation ( i.e. experience without being overwhelmed.)

There is a ratio of one assistant to three participants. Each assistant is assigned by the trainer to groups which may vary on a daily basis depending on the practice requirements.

Assistants are responsible for signing the Personal Session Log and the Case Consultation Log of the participants that they have worked with.  Personal Session and Case Consultation logs sheets are available at the beginning of the training. These logs form part of the assessment requirements at the end of the training.

Assistants are also required to provide feedback on the development of participants throughout the training and this also is an essential element of the assessment process.


Company People

  • Bríd Keenan Director and training co-ordinator
  • George Row Director
  • Philip MacTaggart Director
  • Geraldine Keenan Administrator


Training  People

Steve Hoskinson

Steve Hoskinson Trainer

The training is led by:

Training Assistants Have included:


Back Row L-R
Assisting Team 2013

Assisting Team 2013

  • Bríd Keenan
  • Marion Dunlea
  • Helma Mair
  • Marinka Gatner
  • Lida Ruiter (Lead Assistant)
  • Cynthia Merchant
  • Rosie Burrows (Beginning and Intermediate)
Front Row L-R
  • Monty Watters
  • Glyndie Nickerson



  • Lida Ruiter  (Lead Assistant)
  • Glyndie Nickerson
  • Bríd Keenan
  • Helma Mair
  • Ryūmon Hilda Baldoquín
  • Heike Bill
  • Maggie Locke

Assistants in Training

  • Martin Schlozer
  • Boaz Feldy
  • Mary Kay Mullan
  • Mairéad O’Donnell
  • Joëlle Gartner
  • Marie O’Kelly
  • Marych O’Sullivan-Sanford