A Somatic Experiencing® session

What happens in a typical Somatic Experiencing® session?

The aim of the SE Practitioner is to act as an impartial, compassionate support to help you feel safe, and facilitate the release the experience of trauma through your body. This means, you will not be asked to tell your ‘story’ or examine the past. Instead, you will be guided to gently release physical tensions, emotions and energy related to your trauma as they arise in the session, at a pace and in a way that best supports you to return to a natural state of wellbeing.

What you will learn?

The overall movement of each SE session is towards educating you in three regards:

  • how our bodies hold emotional distress and trauma often long after the event has passed
  • how to understand better what happens in the body at such times, and the steps you can take in daily life to control the patterns and help yourself
  • how to tap into the parts of you that feels reasonable well so that you’re better able to cope with overwhelming states and face them with an increasing sense of resilience.


Please ask  any questions you have about the work with your SE therapist. Your understanding is a vital part of an SE session.

An SE session in more detail

A typical SE session lasts an hour. Typically, you will sit comfortably with your therapist, take time to settle, and then asked what you would like to explore in the session. You’ll then be guided to consciously explore freely related physical sensations, feelings, thoughts and images as they arise. Through this simple moment-to-moment process – called tracking – it’s possible for highly charged stress energy in your body to be properly engaged and released or discharged naturally. You might experience tingling, warmth, and involuntary muscle movements such as twitching or yawning. The result of this often subtle experience can be immediate; the trapped survival energy at the root of your distress is freed, allowing a new relaxation to establish deep in your body and mind.

Does SE involve touch?

SE is referred to as a body-based therapy because its focus is on the body rather than the mind. Touch can be part of a session and the practitioner will discuss with you. It is simple touch – not manipulation or massage. However, it is always the client’s decision whether or not you want this to happen.  Your decision will be respected.

The Nervous System

Graph showing A healthy nervous system

A healthy nervous system

Graph showing Symptoms of Un-discharged Traumatic Stress

Symptoms of Un-discharged Traumatic Stress

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