Assessment is aimed at supporting you to succeed in your training and to have a valuable personal experience.

Review of your progress takes the form of continuous feedback and guidance on the part of the Assistants and Lead Assistant in consultation with the Trainer.

You will receive feedback from the assistants under the guidance of the Senior Assistant and Trainer at the end of the Intermediate Year.  This individual feedback will refer specifically to the level of your SE skills and knowledge demonstrated during the Beginning and Intermediate Modules and a recommendation made about your readiness to progress into the Advanced/third year of training.

No written work is required.

You are expected to demonstrate continuing commitment to the training, developing your skills and competence in relation to SE (theory and practice) through illustrating a growing ability to:

  • work with your own activation and trauma history
  • reflect on the application of your skills
  • participate in the group training
  • demonstrate the skills taught in each module
  • complete the attendance requirements
  • complete the personal session requirements
  • to complete the supervision requirements.


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