Consultation Sessions

Personal and Group Consultation Sessions

During training

You will be given the opportunity to undertake the personal sessions and consultancy during the residential training. These are held at times available outside of teaching time i.e. before training begins in the morning, at lunchtime or on free evenings.

In between training modules

Personal sessions and consultancy can be arranged with programme assistants or SE practitioners agreed with the Trainer.  Internet video conference (such as Skype or FaceTime) sessions may be used where face-to-face sessions are not possible.

All sessions must be validated by an assistant’s signature.

Recommended Distribution of Sessions/Case Consultations

It is highly recommended, but not required, that the number of personal sessions/consultations is received at the training level indicated. However, once you have started the next level of training, all sessions received will be counted at the new training level and must be given by a Provider approved to give sessions or consultations at your current level of training.