Study Groups

Experience has shown that study group support greatly enhances the experience of the workshops.

Though not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that you and the other participants study the manual and practice the skills in groups between training modules.  This will help to embed the work, develop skills and support the cohesion and containment within the training group.

Guidelines for Study Groups

1. A study group is self forming.

2. Activities include reading, discussion and skills development.

3. It is recommended that you keep your group to even numbers for practice pairs and small enough to get focused support.

4. For some of you a study group may not be possible given distances to be travelled etc.  In that case a SKYPE group is possible and again this is a self forming group. If you SKYPE make sure at least one of the group has a premium account capable of having a group attendance.

5. Your group may benefit from having one of the training assistants attending. If your group wants an assistant to be present bear in mind that:

  1. Not every assistant will be available so please note the names of those who can be available when your study group is meeting.
  2. This will mean the assistants will have time away from their other practice and work, therefore your group will need to cover their travel expenses and provide a fee of £50 from the group for the session.
  3. An assistant may also be able to attend a video conference group, via Skype, FaceTime etc.

6. If you cannot meet with a study group, please read the manual and email me or another assistant with your questions – should you have any!