Training information

Participants come from diverse backgrounds. We require that an applicant be a professional working in the field of trauma and have an active practice. Exceptions can be made for students in internships programmes with faculty advisors.

All applicants must understand that this training is designed to train professionals in helping clients deal with traumas rather than being a personal development experience. However, due to the depth of the work, we do advise participants that personal traumas may be triggered during the training because of this you should have a level of self-awareness which will support you, and also have access to therapeutic support.

Once we receive and review an application packet, we will forward it to the instructor should we have any questions as to the applicant’s eligibility. At their discretion, the instructor may then contact the applicant for additional information.

Please let us know if there are any specific questions that we might answer for you.

Class Information:

Typical session times are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, with sufficient time for lunch break. Coffee, tea and light snacks will be available at each training.

Course Work:

6 continuing education contact hours per day for a total of 36 per module.

Additional Requirements:

If you wish to obtain a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) certificate, the following additional requirements must be met:

  • Personal Sessions: 12 hours of personal sessions during the 3 year training. The costs for personal sessions range from £45.
  • Case Consultations: 18 hours of case consultation, to include Individual and Group, during the 3 year training. Case consultations must be received from an approved consultation provider. A minimum of 6 hours of the required 18 hours must be with an FHE faculty member; these can be either in the Group or Individual Case Consultation venue.
  • Individual Case Consultations: For Individual case consultations, 1 consult hour equals 1 credit hour. FHE approved providers have agreed to provide Individual case consultations to participants at a cost of £50. Participants must receive a minimum of 4 hours of the required 18 hours of Case Consultation in an Individual Case Consultation format. This will insure that all requirements will not be met without a participant ever personally presenting a case.

Group Case Consultations:

For group case consultations (3 or more people), 3 consult hours equal 1 credit hour.

FHE approved providers have agreed to provide Group case consultations to participants at a cost of £60 per 3 hour consult. If two or more participants are working with the exact same client(s) in the case consult, it can be counted on a 1:1 ratio as an Individual case consult (1 hour individual for each hour of group). If two participants are sharing one case consultation, 1 hour of credit can be granted to each only if that consultation is at least 1-1/2 hours in length.

Often case consultations with the trainer, ie faculty case consultations,  take place the day before the training module.  Please check the calendar to ensure you know when these will happen.  You will need to be sure of these times if you are travelling long distances.

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